What's included

A self-paced video course, broken into 26 lessons (average 8 minutes). 

Almost 4 hours of video plus supplementary course materials (topic articles and videos). 

5 quizzes (after each section) + 8 practical assignments.

Instructor support for all learners through asynchronous lesson discussions.

Everyone enrolled will receive the Why Change newsletter including all free posts and YouTube videos.

The enrollment includes access to the course for 1 year.

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Discover what you already know about business analysis, and learn more. Update your resume. prepare for interviews and hiring assessments - and go for it!

Course Map

Here are the main course sections and some of the lesson topics. You will start with exploring what business analysis job entails, learn about the process and activities, and start practicing core BA skills. The lessons will then guide you to research the job market in your area and create your own professional development plan. The last sections of the course are focused on resume and interview preparation.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Is business analysis for you?

  • 2

    Business analysis fundamentals

    • 2.1 What are business requirements?

    • 2.2 Business analysis process

    • 2.3 Planning requirements analysis

    • 2.4 Types of requirements and how to capture them

    • 2.5 Qualities of good requirements

    • Section 2 Quiz

    • Assignment 2A

    • Assignment 2B

  • 3

    Core business analysis competencies

    • 3.1 Managing stakeholders

    • 3.2 Asking questions

    • 3.3 Meeting facilitation

    • 3.4 Analysis and problem solving

    • 3.5 Business modelling

    • 3.6 Business analyst in waterfall and agile

    • Section 3 quiz

    • Assignment 3A

    • Assignment 3B

  • 4

    Prepare for career transition

    • 4.1 Career transition planning

    • 4.2 Job market research and analysis

    • 4.3 Design your professional development plan

    • 4.4 Develop skills and competencies

    • 4.5 Ready for career change?

    • Section 4 quiz

    • Assignment 4A

    • Assignment 4B

  • 5

    Make the move

    • 5.1 Resume and application process

    • 5.2 Job interviews

    • 5.3 Hiring Assessments

    • Section 5 quiz

    • Assignment 5A

    • Assignment 5B

    • Conclusion


Author and instructor

Yulia Kosarenko

Yulia Kosarenko is a consultant, author, speaker, and coach. Her career spans more than 25 years of bringing IT and business together through business analysis, architecture, analytics, communications, and change management. She is the author of Business Analyst: a Profession and a Mindset and Business Analysis Mindset Digital Toolkit and part-time professor at the Humber College in Toronto, Business Insights and Analytics program. Yulia is active in business analysis and analytics communities, leading webinars, participating in podcasts, coaching, and sharing her thoughts with LinkedIn communities. You can always find her at why-change.com.

Social proof: testimonials

Very systematic, dense and full of useful and practical information

Vira Gryaznova (Mobile software developer)

“At the first glance, the course did not look very extensive, but in reality, it is compact, dense and full of useful and very practical information. I like very much the second half of the course, where the career transition to BA is presented as an example of the business process and is described in a very systematic way. Thanks for the course!”

Interesting and thought provoking lessons to strengthen my business analysis skills

Weston Sobel (Business analyst)

I completed this course and found it extremely valuable. Yulia provided lots of interesting and thought provoking lessons and materials to strengthen my business analysis skills. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in getting started with business analysis, looking to change their career, or re-establish the fundamental pillars of business analysis. I found myself revisiting the course when I was enhancing my resume and on the job market and it really helped make the difference!

A great investment; a better value than a week-long course

Lisa Smyth (Business analyst)

I am enjoying your course, it’s been a great investment. I just wish the very expensive course I was sent on had as much practical application as your course. I have understood more in these sessions completed than I did in the week long course.

The most affordable and the best in terms of valuable, applicable information

Christopher Hanson (new business analyst)

I recently used what I learned to help me transition from my prior career to a newly obtained position as a Business Analyst. I have taken some other courses, but yours was actually the most affordable and the best in terms of valuable, applicable information. I know you must have helped countless people in a similar position, and I will be purchasing more of your courses as I grow and develop as a business analyst. Thank you for providing such wonderful resources and keep producing the excellent content!"
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