Workshop Tailored to Your Project

Adaptive Planning and Delivery

Intensive one-day workshop (can be conducted in increments), at your premises or virtual. Engage your project team in a productive session to plan requirements analysis. Please contact for details.

Workshop Program

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This facilitated workshop is offered to organizations and can be customized and scheduled based on your company's needs. Reach out to discuss how this can help plan business analysis for a new project and prepare the project team for effective collaboration on requirements.


Author and instructor

Yulia Kosarenko

Yulia Kosarenko is a consultant, author, speaker, and coach. Her career spans more than 25 years of bringing IT and business together through business analysis, architecture, analytics, communications, and change management. She is the author of Business Analyst: a Profession and a Mindset and Business Analysis Mindset Digital Toolkit and part-time professor at the Humber College in Toronto, Business Insights and Analytics program. Yulia is active in business analysis and analytics communities, leading webinars, participating in podcasts, coaching, and sharing her thoughts with LinkedIn communities. You can always find her at